Melissa Palfery, Professional Organizer

Taking the stress out of organizing for home and business


At your place of business, have you:

  • Lost a deal because you weren’t prepared?
  • Misplaced a file you needed for a sales call or presentation?
  • Ordered too much inventory because your supplies were scattered?
  • Spent money every month for a warehouse or storage unit?
  • Dreaded walking into your office?

At home, have you:

  • Promised yourself “This is the year I get organized!” but don’t know where to start?
  • Panicked because unexpected visitors stopped by your home and it was in upheaval?
  • Wished you could park your car in the garage but it was filled with clutter?
  • Argued with your spouse or kids every morning about finding what they need?
  • Bought a duplicate of something you already had but forgot you had it?
  • Can’t find that sweater, book, set of keys, etc. you know you have “somewhere?”
  • Felt embarrassed walking into your home?
  • Dealt with clearing out a loved one’s former home?

Yes! What should I do about it?

Call us at Excellence Organizing (470-222-6357). We will help you take back control of your time, your office, and your home. Getting and staying organized will save you immeasurable time, money and emotional turmoil immediately. Just imagine: no more searching, no more arguing, no more wasted time and money.

Won’t hiring someone to help me be expensive?

Organizing does not need to be expensive. Chances are, you already have most if not all of what you need to get started. In fact, most people spend money on the wrong organizing supplies. Excellence Organizing will help you determine what works for you, what doesn’t and what your ideal system would be.



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